Death and the Penguin

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Februar 2002



A black satire on the fall of communism in the former Soviet Union, set in Kiev. "A minor tragi-comic masterpiece" "Daily Telegraph".


Andrey Kurkov was born in St Petersburg in 1961. Having graduated from the Kiev Foreign Languages Institute, he worked for some time as a journalist, did his military service as a prison warder in Odessa, then became a film cameraman, writer of screenplays and author of critically acclaimed and popular novels, including the cult bestseller Death and the Penguin.


"A tragicomic masterpiece" Daily Telegraph "The deadpan tone works perfectly and it will be a hard-hearted reader who is not touched by Viktor's relationship with his unusual pet" The Times "A black comedy of rare dinstinction and the penguin is an invention of genius" Spectator "A chilling black comedy" Guardian "A striking portrait of post-Soviet isolation... In this bleak moral landscape Kurkov manages to find ample refuge for his dark humour" New York Times
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