The Archaeology of Art

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Art is a subject with which all archaeologists must contend. Rock art, mosaics, ceramics and classical sculptures are frequently a core products in archaeological investigations yet when examining these artifacts the archaeologist must rely on the art historian's approach. Until now there has been no comprehensive archaeological guide to aid them in their understanding and analysis of the art they encounter. "The Archaeology of Art" sets out for the first time the main concerns of an archaeological approach to art. The author briefly reviews the history of archaeological interest in art and goes on to examine, define and exemplify contemporary approaches while providing a focus for the future of the subject.


1. Is there an archaeology of art?; 2. History of art in archaeology?; 3. What is an archaeology of art?; 4. Images on stone - rock art; 5. Images of stone - Roman mosaics; 6. Multiple stories of art; 7. Reading more
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