Nautical Knots Illustrated

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""Its illustrations on how the knots are tied are among the best I have seen.""--"Mariner's Log"
With nearly 300 superb photographs illustrating the "ins and outs" of the 20 most useful nautical knots and splices, this reissue of the critically acclaimed "Nautical Knots Illustrated "will transform any beginner into a boater who knows the ropes. Each knot or splice is presented on two facing pages, and an illustrated glossary and quick-glance overview of common linehandling commands are also included.


<h3>Acknowledgments<h3>Introduction<h3>Synthetic Fabrics Used in Rope<h3>Rope Care and Safety<h3>Rope Construction<h3>Explanation of Procedure and Terms Used<h3>Knots Used on Board<h3>Figure-of-Eight <h3>Overhand Knot<h3>Making Fast to a Cleat<h3>Half Hitch<h3>Two Half Hitches<h3>Reef Knot<h3>Clove Hitch (Crossing)<h3>Clove Hitch (Temporary)<h3>Rolling Hitch <h3>Becket Hitch<h3>Starting Technique<h3>Sheet Bend<h3>Bowline (Fixed Loop)<h3>Bowline (Around Fixed Object)<h3>Carrick Bend<h3>Bowline in a Bight<h3>Draw Hitch<h3>Constrictor<h3>Trucker's Hitch<h3>Towboat Hitch<h3>Eye Splice (Three-Stranded)<h3>All About Coils<h3>How to Make Coils Safe<h3>Common Coil<h3>Cleat Coil<h3>Gasket Coil<h3>Stowage Coil<h3>Utility Line Stowage<h3>Modern Deck Hardware<h3>Winches<h3>Overriding Turns<h3>Sheet Winches, Hauling In<h3>Halyard Drum Winches, Hoisting


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"The book's clear, sequential photographs include all the basics, including bends, splices, and line-handling tips." - Ocean Navigator "Teaches the 20 most useful knots and splices with wonderful step-by-step photographs. Almost every knot is pictured on two facing pages, so the entire sequence is right before you." - The Ensign "Its illustrations on how the knots are tied are among the best I have seen." - Mariner's Log "More than knots, [this book] is about rope and its uses on boats." - Dockside "This is a book for beginners - and a fine one at that." - Cruising Club News
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