The Phoenix Effect

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International turn-around gurus describe how to rescue a company from the brink of disasterWhy, even in the best of economic times, do so many apparently healthy companies fail? The surprising answer offered by the authors of this breakthrough book is "denial," or more specifically, the inability of top management to acknowledge that they've been backing a losing strategy and to take the necessary, often traumatizing, steps required to set their companies on the right course. Using cogent case studies and lessons learned from working with Fortune 500 executives who have survived tough turnarounds, Pate and Platt vividly describe what happens when good strategies go bad. Drawing upon their experiences at top firms, they develop proven real-world turnaround strategies, tools, and techniques and show readers how to put them to work in their companies.


CHAPTER 1. Get to the Point of Pain.
CHAPTER 2. Determine the Scope.
CHAPTER 3. Orient the Business.
CHAPTER 4. Manage Scale.
CHAPTER 5. Handle Debt.
CHAPTER 6. Get the Most from Assets.
CHAPTER 7. Get the Most from Employees.
CHAPTER 8. Get the Most from Products.
CHAPTER 9. Produce the Product.
CHAPTER 10. Change the Process.


CARTER PATE is a world-renowned turnaround expert at Pricewaterhouse-Coopers with more than twenty years of experience providing strategic consulting and implementation strategies. He has served as both CEO and chairman of several public companies, and was a founding partner of Pate, Winters & Stone, a national consulting firm. He lives in Dallas.
HARLAN PLATT is a Professor in the Finance and Insurance Group at Northeastern University College of Business Administration. His major research and consulting interests include corporate bankruptcy and crisis management. He assists companies, including those on the NYSE, Nasdaq, and Irish Stock Exchanges, by serving on their boards of directors. He lives in Boston.


"..it offers good wholesome advice.." (Financial Times, 13 February 2002)
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