Understanding Directory Services

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November 2001



Learn the basic theory of Directory Services from a networking perspective. This guide explains directory services from the origins of distributed directory services in X.500 to the directories offered with current networking platforms, and provides the critical background material and an up-to-date resource on the underlying directory and metadirectory technologies.


Introduction. Who Should Read This Book. How This Book Is Organized. Conventions. 1. Introduction to Directory Services. What Is a Directory Service? What a Directory Service Provides. Common Types of Directory Services. Directory Service Implementations. State of Directory Services. 2. Evolution of Directory Services. Information Characteristics. Organizing Directory Information. Storing Directory Information. Securing Directory Information. Directory Administration. 3. Storing Directory Information. The Directory Database. Partitioning the Directory. Directory Replication. 4. X.500: A Model for Directory Services. Introduction to X.500. X.500 Models. X.500 Directory Objects. Directory Information Tree. X.500 Naming. X.500 Directory Schema. Directory Information Base. X.500 Operations. Security in X.500. 5. LDAP: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. Introduction to LDAP. LDAP Models The LDAP Directory Objects and Schema. The Directory Information Tree. LDAP Naming. The Directory Information Base. LDAP Operations. LDAP Security. LDAP Programming. Proposed LDAP Extensions. 6. DNS: The Domain Name System. Introduction to DNS. Models/Views in DNS. DNS Objects: Resource Records. The DNS Tree. DNS Naming. Defining the DNS Schema. The Distributed DNS Database. DNS Operations. Proposed DNS Extensions. 7. X.500 Directory Services. Introduction to X.500 Directory Services. Computer Associates' eTrust Directory. Siemens DirX. Nexor Directory. 8. LDAP-Only Directory Services. Introduction to LDAP-Only Directory Services. OpenLDAP. IBM SecureWay. Sun|Netscape iPlanet. 9. eDirectory. Introduction to eDirectory. eDirectory Objects and Schema. The eDirectory Tree. Naming in eDirectory. eDirectory Directory Information Base. eDirectory Operations. Security in eDirectory. eDirectory Administration. The Future of eDirectory. 10. Active Directory. Introduction to Active Directory. Active Directory Models. Active Directory Objects and Schema. The Active Directory DIT. Naming in Active Directory. The Active Directory DIB. Active Directory Operations. Security in Active Directory. Active Directory Administration. The Future of Active Directory. 11. Metadirectory Services. Introduction to Metadirectory Services. What Is a Metadirectory? Metadirectory Design. Siemens DirXmetahub. Sun|Netscape iPlanet Metadirectory. Microsoft Metadirectory Services. Novell DirXML. Radiant Logic RadiantOne VDS. 12. Directory Markup Languages. Introduction to Directory Markup Languages. Directory Service Markup Language (DSML). Novell's DirXML. 13. Evaluating Directory Services. Examining Directory Services. Assess Your Directory Service Needs. Assess Your Environment. Key Factors in Directory Services. Appendix A. References. X.500. LDAP. DNS. Novell Directory Services. Active Directory. Other Resources. Appendix B. Glossary. Index.


Beth Sheresh, CNE, is Systems Research Corporation's lead technologist, with professional experience in network consulting, systems administration, Web development, and technical training course design. Her expertise includes managing technical writing projects, as well as researching, designing, and writing about network technologies. She is currently working on a book series that encourages women to get involved with computers and network technology. Doug Sheresh, MCSE, is a principal of Systems Research Corporation with professional experience that spans project management, network consulting, technical writing, and all aspects of training course development, design and delivery. His prior writing on technology ranges from developing training on Windows 3.1'95 and contributing to the Windows 95 Resource Kit at Microsoft, as well as co-authoring the Windows NT Administrators Bible, Option Pack Edition. More recently, Doug was a core developer of the MOF Operations Assessment training for Microsoft Consulting Services.
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