A Therapist's Guide to Growing Free: A Manual for Survivors of Domestic Violence

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Combining psychological insight with practical safety information, this book helps therapists guide their clients into understanding--and ending--the vicious cycle of wooing, tension, violence, and remorse. A Therapist's Guide to Growing Free provides a comprehensive outline of the issues, tasks, and goals involved in the treatment of victims and survivors. The companion volume, Growing Free: A Manual for Survivors of Domestic Violence, is an ideal guidebook for your clients in dangerous relationships.Therapists: An accompanying manual for survivors, Growing Free, is available for use by survivors. Order 5 or more copies and save 20%: Growing Free: A Manual for Survivors of Domestic Violence$14.95 soft ($11.96 with discount). ISBN: 0-7890-1280-4.To view an excerpt online, find the book in our QuickSearch catalog at www.HaworthPress.com.


Contents Preface Introduction History of Domestic Abuse Describing Domestic Abuse Therapeutic Models for Intervention and Treatment Psychological Effects and Belief Systems of Battered Women The Cycle of Violence Culture Issues The Effects of Violence on Children and Adolescents Batterers The Therapeutic Challenge: Couple/Conjoint Therapy Crisis Intervention Treatment of Victims Treatment of Batterers Safety Planning Chapter 1. Is it Me The Tasks of Therapy The Client's Belief System The Client's Emotions Chapter 2. Effects of Domestic Violence on the Victim Elements of the Dysfunctional Relationship Cycle of Violence Chapter 3. Effects of Domestic Violence on Children Effects on Different Age Groups Overall Effects The Reparenting Process Chapter 4. The Batterer Codependency Profiling the Batterer Chapter 5. What You Can Do Chapter 6. After You Leave Index Reference Notes Included
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