The Treatment: The Story of Those Who Died in the Cincinnati Radiation Tests

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Januar 2002



A revealing expose on extreme radiation experiments performed on unknowing cancer patients during the 1960s which caused their deaths.


Martha Stephens was for many years Professor of English at the University of Cincinnati. She is the author of "The Question of Flannery O'Connor, " the novels "Cast a Wistful Eye" and "Children of the World. "An activist for many years, Stephens was the first to break the story of this scandalous project and continues to work for justice for the victims and their families.


"Stephens tells her story in a clear and sure voice, forging a compelling narrative that presents this tragedy in a very human and accessible manner."-George Annas, author of Standard of Care: The Law of American Bioethics "Stephens is a skilled investigative journalist, piecing together medical records, Pentagon reports, and firsthand interviews to weave a damning and unforgettable picture of what happened in the basement of Cincinnati General Hospital."-Eileen Welsome, author of The Plutonium Files: America's Secret Medical Experiments in the Cold War "An invaluable, outstanding work that will endure to enhance respect for informed consent in human research, as hope for vigilant advocates of human rights, and as a case study of how history unfolds."-Carl Gandola, MD, Public Health Internist in Cincinnati "Read this book not only to grasp the horror of what official medicine did to 90 families, but also for the fuel you need to fight such outrageous injustices in our midst."-Jim Hightower, radio and television personality "provides a shocking example of why we must remain diligent in our review of medical research." Library Journal
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