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September 2001



The bleak Scottish anchorage of Scapa Flow was one of the greatest naval bases in history. During the two world wars it was the home base of the world's greatest naval force - the British Home Fleet. The British fleet sailed from here to the battle of Jutland in 1916 and it was from here that Lord Kitchener set sail on his final voyage. At war's end the German High Seas Fleet scuttled itself here rather than fall into British hands.During the Battle of Britain a substantial part of the Royal Navy prepared itself at Scapa Flow for a last stand in the Channel should the German invasion of Britain be launched. This gripping narrative contains eyewitness accounts and assembles the most massive collection of photographs on the subject ever printed.


JIM MILLER IS the author of a number of books, including Salt in the Blood and A Wild and Open Sea. He is currently working on a book, The Dambuilders, for Birlinn. He lives near Inverness.


'... a fascinating book, in which every reader will find something she/he never knew' Scots Magazine 'an interesting insight into life in a naval base during two world wars' - Broadly Boats
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