Real Fast Vegetarian Food

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Vegetarian cookery for both full-time vegetarians and those who simply wish to eat more healthily, this book contains 150 recipes, sections on setting up a store-cupboard, and selections for different occasions. Ideas range from wild mushroom and basil tart, to the richest chocolate cake ever!


Introduction 1. The Store Cupboard 2. Breakfasts and Brunches 3. Soups, Starters and Snacks 4. Accompanying Vegetables 5. Fresh Salads 6. Main Courses 7. Cooking for Friends 8. Sweet Treats 9. Glossary of Essential Recipes Index


Ursula Ferrigno is a passionate vegetarian cook and former principal tutor for Cordon Vert. She trained in hotel catering and took an Escoffier course in Paris before starting her own business manufacturing vegetarian recipes. Her food is now stocked by outlets ranging from Harvey Nichols to Marks & Spencer to Concorde. Half-Italian by birth, she brings a mediterranean theme to her recipes and runs the popular Italian cookery courses at the Books for Cooks Cookery school, Butlers Wharf Chef School and Leiths. She is the author of The Nineties Vegetarian and Pasta Pizza Polenta, both published by Merehurst.


'I love her food - it makes life worth living' Malcolm Gluck
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