Just for Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary

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In this witty and engrossing narrative, Linus Torvalds, the brilliant mastermind behind the latest Internet revolution, chronicles his transformation from a pale, skinny Helsinki college kid to an international folk hero through the humble creation of the LINUX operating system, distributed for free and now in use by over 12 million people. Torvalds gives a personal account of the astounding growth of LINUX. This part autobiography, part business philosophy title from one of the most startling personalities and influences in the business world today brims with biographical detail about the radical spirit and creativity of Linus Torvalds, the man, along with his views on technology. For general readers, Torvalds spins a tale of his fascinating life. For techies, this is a candid glimpse at the life of this honored, yet unintentional hero, complete with Linus's compelling look at the road ahead for LINUX and the computer industry. This book will appeal to the general business audience, techies and the general audience hungry to stay abreast of current trends.


Linus Torvalds, Jahrgang 1969, ist der "Held der Hacker". Während seines Studiums an der Universität Helsinki entwickelte er 1991 das Linux-Betriebssystem, dessen Quellcode jedem offensteht. In der Folge entwickelte sich Linux zu einem Projekt, an dem weltweit Tausende von Programmierern und Hunderttausende von Benutzern beteiligt sind. Das Linux-Betriebssystem wird heute als einzige ernst zu nehmende Alternative zu Windows angesehen.
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