The Rose's Kiss: A Natural History of Flowers

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April 2002



"An engaging botanical overview of flowers."-"New York Times Book Review" In "The Rose's Kiss," Peter Bernhardt presents a fascinating and wide-ranging look at the natural history of flowers--how they look, what they do, and their often hidden interactions with the surrounding environment and other living organisms upon which they depend for their survival. You'll discover why flowers are so colorful, how they evolved, and how insects exploit them for their nectar. This is a book for all flower lovers, from naturalists and gardeners to poets and botanists.


Peter Bernhardt is a professor of biology at St. Louis University and a research associate at both the Missouri Botanical Garden of St. Louis and the Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney, Australia. He is the author of "Wily Violets and Underground Orchids: Revelations of a Botanist" and "Natural Affairs: A Botanist Looks at the Attachments Between Plants and People."


"An engaging botanical overview of flowers." - New York Times Book Review "In Peter Bernhardt's eloquent, accurate and literary book, floral biology... is explained to inform and entertain everyone, from curious scientists to amateur natural historians." - Marco Finetti, Nature; "The Rose's Kiss makes the study of flowers - and a plant's reproductive organs - both clear and completely enjoyable." - Barbara S. Arter, The American Gardener; "In The Rose's Kiss, botanist Peter Bernhardt weaves accounts of the forms, functions, and ecologies of flowers together with threads from history, folklore, and mythology.... His accounts form a well-balanced natural history, a book I recommend to all who love flowers and want to know more about their biology." - Peter K. Endress, Science
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