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How do photojournalists get the pictures that bring us the action from the world's most dangerous places? Find out in "Get the Picture," a personal history of fifty years of photojournalism by one of the top journalists of the twentieth century. John G. Morris brought us many of the images that defined our era, from photos of the London air raids and the D-Day landing during World War II to the assassination of Robert Kennedy. He tells us the inside stories behind dozens of famous pictures like these, which are reproduced in this book, and provides intimate and revealing portraits of the men and women who shot them, including Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and W. Eugene Smith.


John G. Morris is a University of Chicagoan who served as a Hollywood correspondent for "Life," picture editor for "Life's "London bureau during World War II, picture editor at "Ladies' Home Journal," the first executive editor of the Magnum Photos press agency, picture editor for both the "Washington Post" and the "New York Times," and a correspondent and editor for "National Geographic."


"An exciting, revealing trip through the intricacies of picture publishing in its truest light." - Gordon Parks, author of Half Past Autumn; "Going through Morris's book of memories, I felt I was sitting in front of a magic lantern." - Henri Cartier-Bresson; "During his long and eventful career, John G. Morris operated at the heart of 20th-century photojournalism, working as a picture editor for Life, Magnum, The Washington Post, The New York Times and National Geographic....[H]e weaves photographers, anecdotes, players, history and a credo or two into an engaging and informative tale." - Rosemary Ranck, New York Times Book Review
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