Democracy in America

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Juni 2002



Capturing the elegance, subtlety, and profundity of Tocqueville's original work, this new translation offers proof of how essential this masterpiece continues to be.


Harvey C. Mansfield is the William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Government at Harvard University. Delba Winthrop is a lecturer and administrator of the Program on Constitutional Government at Harvard University.


"The best edition of the best book on America"; "What we need, here at the beginning of the century, is a fresh examination - one that begins from Tocqueville's own concerns and not from our desire to use him for our political battles. Mansfield and Winthrop... have contributed immeasurably to that task by providing hundreds of notes identifying events, allusions, and names that are no longer familiar, and by providing an accurate and readable translation of Democracy in America, one far superior to the old editions." - Daniel J. Mahoney, Weekly Standard "The Mansfield-Winthrop work will henceforth be the preferred English version of Democracy in America not only because of the superior translation and critical apparatus, but also because of its long and masterly introductory essay, itself an important contribution to the literature on Tocqueville." - Roger Kimball, The New Criterion
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