Scenic Art and Construction

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"Scenic Art and Construction" is a practical guide to the construction, painting, and finishing of the scenic elements used in professional theater today. It shows you how to bring a stage design to three-dimensional reality as well as how to avoid many of the pitfalls. Clearly written and drawing on the considerable experience of its authors, it meets the needs of both the carpenter and the artist--whether student, amateur, or professional. Illustrated with 200 photos and diagrams, it covers the production process; setting up a workshop or paint studio; constructing modern timber scenery; finishing the work, including the use of adhesives, paints, and stains; interpreting and mixing color; and getting the best value through innovation and invention. Tim Blaikie works internationally in major scenic construction, including projects for The Royal Opera House. Emma Troubridge is Head of Scenic Art at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.


Tim Blaikie has been workshop manager at several drama schools including Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He now works internationally for major scenic constructions including the Royal Opera House. Emma Troubridge enjoyed many years as a scenic artist at the Royal Opera House. She is now Head of Scenic Art at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.


Two experts offer an outstanding hands-on guide for anyone involved in the art and construction of theatrical scenic elements.
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