Real-Life Writing Activities for Grades 4-9

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Februar 2002



This ready-to-use resource provides 40 complete, illustrated writing lessons that capture student's attention, build their writing skills, and teach them a writing process (motivation, brainstorming, composing, revising, and publishing) that will serve them throughout their lives. All materials are printed in a lay-flat binding that opens flat for easy photocopying of student activity pages. Each section, arranged developmentally, offers writing lessons in the following categories:
-- Descriptive Compositions
-- Directional Compositions
-- Persuasive Compositions
-- Narrative Compositions
-- Poems & SongsAll lessons provide step-by-step instructions, including alternative motivators, examples of what to say to elicit students' responses, and suggestions for responding to students' writing in a way that will encourage them.


About This Resource; Tips for Using Real-Life Writing Activities; Section 1. Descriptive Compositions for Young Authors; Lesson 1. People/Fact Hunt; Lesson 2. Autograph/Memory Book; Lesson 3. Captions; Lesson 4. Consumer Survey; Lesson 5. Consumer's/Buyer's Guide; Lesson 6. Letter of Introduction; Lesson 7. Report Card/Parent Conference Letter to Parents; Lesson 8. Restaurant Review Checklist; Lesson 9. Horoscope; Lesson 10. Sports Account/Article; Lesson 11. Advice-Column Problem Letter; Section 2. Directional Compositions for Young Authors; Lesson 12. Advice to Next Year's Class; Lesson 13. Treasure Map Directions; Lesson 14. Friendship Recipe; Lesson 15. Travel Directions; Lesson 16. Cheer-up Checklist; Lesson 17. Medical Guide; Lesson 18. Advice-Column Solution Letter; Lesson 19. Stress Diet; Section 3. Persuasive Compositions for Young Authors; Lesson 20. Apology/Apology Note; Lesson 21. Travel Brochure; Lesson 22. Personal decision-making; Lesson 23. Movie/Video Review; Lesson 24. Request for Financial Support; Lesson 25. Sympathy Message; Lesson 26. Compliments; Lesson 27. Letter of Compliant; Lesson 28. Restaurant Review; Lesson 29. Bill of Rights; Lesson 30. Eulogy; Lesson 31. Letters to Our Troops; Lesson 32. Petition; Lesson 33. Weekly/End-of-Year Evaluation; Section 4. Narrative Compositions for Young Authors; Lesson 34. Good News/Bad News Tale; Lesson 35. Mystery/Whodunit; Section 5. Poems and Songs for Young Authors; Lesson 36. Simple Chant; Lesson 37. Five-Line Poem; Lesson 38. Comparison Poem; Lesson 39. Auto/Bio Poem; Lesson 40. Modern Nursery Rhymes


Cherlyn Sunflower is Associate Professor of Education at Moorhead State University in Minnesota where she teaches elementary language arts courses. She previously taught grades K-6 and resource room in Austin, Texas, Public Schools. Dr. Sunflower is also the author of 75 Creative Ways to Publish Students' Writings and Really Writing! Ready-to-Use Writing Process Activities for the Elementary Grades.
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