J.K.Lasser Pro Real Estate Investment Trusts: New Strategies for Portfolio Management

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Benefit from the outstanding investment opportunities that currently exist in the REIT industry The growth of REITs as an asset class has created an excellent opportunity for small investors to participate in the ownership of institutional-quality real estate. Are you ready to help your clients make the most of this opportunity? J.K. Lasser Pro Real Estate Investment Trusts thoroughly explains the nature of REITs and explores how this investment vehicle can be integrated and implemented into almost any client' s portfolio. This invaluable resource discusses the benefits and performance characteristics of REITs and includes a chapter on each of the following forms of REITs available, including: Residential REITs Manufactured home community REITs Office REITs Industrial property REITs Retail REITs Hotel property REITs Health care REITs Self-storage REITs Specialized, diversified, and mortgage REITs Filled with practical guidance, vital information, and in-depth interviews with some of the most respected individuals in the REIT industry, J.K. Lasser Pro Real Estate Investment Trusts is a valuable road map to an investment vehicle that can help you stabilize and grow any investor' s portfolio. Please visit our Web site at www.jklasser.com


Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. PART ONE: REAL ESTATE AS AN ASSET CLASS. Chapter 1. Characteristics of Real Estate as an Investment. Chapter 2. A Brief History of Real Estate Investment Trusts. Chapter 3. REITs as an Asset Class. Chapter 4. REITs as a Portfolio Diversification Tool. Chapter 5. Integrating REITs into an Investment Portfolio. PART TWO: REAL ESTATE ECONOMICS AND ANALYSIS. Chapter 6. Real Estate Market Characteristics. Chapter 7. Real Estate Development. Chapter 8. Partnerships and Joint Ventures. Chapter 9. Analyzing REITs. Chapter 10. Advanced Financial REIT Topics. PART THREE: DYNAMIC TRENDS AND REITs. Chapter 11. Residential REITs. Chapter 12. Manufactured Home Community REITs. Chapter 13. Office REITs. Chapter 14. Industrial REITs. Chapter 15. Retail REITs. Chapter 16. Hotel REITs. Chapter 17. Health Care REITs. Chapter 18. Self-Storage REITs. Chapter 19. Specialty, Diversified, and Mortgage REITs. Appendix. Index.


RICHARD IMPERIALE is President and founder of Uniplan, Inc., and its affiliates, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin--based investment advisory firm that manages and advises over $300 million in client accounts. Uniplan specializes in providing clients with consistently superior risk-adjusted returns managing equity, balanced, and specialty portfolios. In addition, Uniplan is the investment advisor to the Forward Uniplan Real Estate Investment Fund.
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