Song on a Blue Guitar

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August 2002



An old promise, a new ghost, and a resurgent mystery send rancher Joe Steele in search of Toro Duran, his army buddy of some 50 years and a war ago. In a barrio called Tuceros Joe finds himself sucked into a fight Toro and his offbeat amigos are waging to save their cantina and its wildly decorated outhouse?


Dorothy Cave spent much of her childhood exploring with her geologist father the isolated villages and mountains of northern New Mexico, a practice she continues today. Although her formal education was at Agnes Scott College and the Universities of Colorado and Wyoming, she feels her true education has come from these remote but rapidly vanishing hamlets and pueblos and from the soil-rooted wisdom of those who live in them. Cave has traveled widely, danced with the Atlanta Ballet, acted, and taught. She is the author of three histories: Beyond Courage, which won the New Mexico Presswomen's Zia Award, Four Trails to Valor and God's Warrior, as well as a novel, Song on a Blue Guitar, all from Sunstone Press.
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