The Far Away

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Februar 2002



With an undercurrent of anger and at times irreverent dark humor, The Far Away is a moving story of desperate searches for second chances as a young man recalls a difficult time in his past when he struggled to deal with a brother's problems, a woman he thought he loved and the decisions made. The need to escape, the pull to return, drifting around the country, the violence and tenderness - Now it's coming back for him to deal with, whether he wants to or not. And he's learning that remembering is not the hardest part. Excerpt from the book: "And the thing about it was this: I was starting to think of that stuff all over again when I felt her breath on the back of my neck, just behind my ear, a warm summer evening to which I turned, taking her in my arms, mouth upon mouth, and moving into each other, arms entwined, legs entwined, and I thought how nice that man and woman should compliment each other so perfectly as we lay together joined in passion and in love, in friendship and in love, and wasn't this the answer to the hurting world."


James Simon is the author of nonfiction books and novels. With an interest in popular culture and art, he has also written or co-written nonfiction books about comics and their creators, including a book on pulp art. His writings on these subjects have been published in books for Marvel Entertainment, DC Entertainment, Titan Publishing, Abrams Books, Heritage Magazine for the Intelligent Collector, and elsewhere. Some of these books made the New York Times Best Seller list. He has been interviewed in newspapers, on radio, and appeared in a television movie/documentary. Several of his books have been translated for foreign editions, including the French and Chinese language markets.
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