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A balanced introduction to the spread of Christianity across the world, covering a wide range of key issues and a comprehensive survey of the faith.



1 Little-known to persecuted minority: beginnings to 313
2 Persecuted and persecuting, 300-630
3 Endangered at the centre, moving north-west and eastT, 630-1100
4 Crusades to the near-extinction of Asian Christians, 1100-1500
5 Conquest reformation and
indigenous growth 1433-1600
6 Weakened Christendom and European Enlightenment, 1600-1800
7 Western missionary expansion, 1800-1920
8 Post- Christendom west , non- Westen Christians 1900-2000


Frederick W. Norris is the Dean E. Walker Professor of Church History and Professor of World Mission/Evangelism at Emmanuel School of Religion in Tennessee, USA. He is an expert in mission history and theology, and the author of five books and numerous papers.
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