I'd Rather Be Working

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Februar 2008



This first-of-its-kind guide can help those with chronic illnesses evaluate their own abilities and limitations, set financial goals, conduct effective job searches, and identify and utilize government and other resources in order to obtain financial stability and a genuine sense of accomplishment.


<html> "1. Introduction: Who Needs This Book? 2. When Your Health Deserts You: Chronic Illness and the Laws That Apply 3. Evaluating Your Situation 4. Setting Realistic, Achievable Goals: Financial, Personal, Career, and Family 5. What Do I Know? What Can I Do?: Self-Assessment Exercises, Quizzes, and Lists of Questions 6. Determining the Market for What You Want to Sell 7. How to Find Formal Rehabilitation and Training, and How to Apply for Assistance 8. Money-Making Scams and How to Avoid Them 9. Where to Find Help When You're Totally On Your Own"


lt;html> Gayle Backstrom (Denton, TX), the author of The Resource Guide for the Disabled and When Muscle Pain Won't Go Away, has had fibromyalgia since childhood. She has taught college courses in technical writing and business communications.
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