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Consisting of a collection of articles written by Tony DiCicco and the SoccerPlus camp Directors. The information covers all of the basic elements for developing championship level goalkeeping play. The book is broken into six parts: technical, tactical, physical, psychological, college soccer and extra dimensional.


Preface; The Importance of Fathers & Play; Paternal Depression, Family Relationships, & Offspring Functioning: Processes of Risk during Adolescence; Co-Parental Relationship Functioning during the Transition to Fatherhood; Prospective Fathers Involvement in Decision Making Concerning Fetal Screening; Fatherhood in Chinese Culture: Past & Present; Beyond Shelter Doors: Fathers & Homelessness; Spin Families: Rights, Laws & Stability Fatherhood Initiatives: Connecting Fathers to their Children; The Changing Role of Fathers; Fatherhood in Picture Books; Index.
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