The Trout Fisher's Handbook

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September 2002



Leslie Crawford's new book covers all the essential subject areas for aspiring trout fishermen, including tackle selection; key casting elements; basic wet, dry, and nymph tactics on flowing and still waters; fly section; and the effects of weather. Part 2 devotes a chapter each to small streams, river trout fishing, estuarine trout fishing, small still waters, and large lakes. Questions and answers, top tips, and lessons from past masters complete this invaluable manual.


Leslie Crawford is the author of Fishing for Wild Trout in Scottish Lochs and Scotland's Classic Wild Trout Waters (Swan Hill Press) and has been involved with trout fishing, and as an instructor, for over thirty years.


Production is up to Swan Hill's usual high standards. A book to take on holiday, especially if you are going to Scotland. Wild Trout Trust

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