Interventions and Techniques

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Interventions and Techniques focuses on specific techniques and interventions therapists use to produce change. This volume describes, defines, and demonstrates the clinical applications of these techniques throughout diverse approaches to treatment. Some schools of Psychotherapy do not claim to contain techniques, a claim which this book examines. However, all schools describe some contextual, communication, or interaction models that easily lend themselves to classifications of techniques or the intervention processes.

Written in clear, concise language, Interventions and Techniques presents a thoughtful examination of the conceptual framework upon which psychotherapy is built. It will be of interest to students and practitioners in fields such as: clinical psychology, counselling, social work and psychotherapy.


Series editor's preface
Introduction and overview
Psychodynamic and psychoanalytical psychotherapy
Behavioural psychotherapy
Humanistic-Existential psychotherapy
Cognitive psychotherapy and cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy
Systems psychotherapy
couples, relationships and family psychotherapy
The growth of psychotherapeutic methods
Contrast, integration and conclusions


Lynn Seiser is an internationally respected psychotherapist and marriage, family and child counsellor with over twenty years of direct clinical experience in counseling offenders and victims of violence, trauma, and abuse. Dr Seiser enjoys a positive reputation for his work in holistic recovery from addictions and his emphasis on healthy relationships. He founded AikiSolutions to provide consultations and training in sport psychology, strategic performance enhancement through tactical mental discipline, and conflict prevention, management, and resolution. Dr Seiser maintains his practice in Seal Beach/Long Beach, California, USA.Colin Wastell is the Director of the Counselling Psychology Program at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Dr Wastell has been involved in counselling since 1988 in a number of settings including the Family Court of Australia, TAFE and University Counselling services, as well as private practice. He designed and facilitated the approval by Macquarie University, Sydney of the new Masters of Counselling Psychology course. Dr Wastell is a past member of the National and New South Wales Section Executives of the College of Counselling Psychologist of the Australian Psychological Society and current member of the Australian Psychological Society Professional Development Advisory Group. Dr Wastell has published in a range of journals including the British Journal of Guidance and Counselling, the Journal of Counselling and Development, and Psychotherapy, Theory, Research Practice and Training.
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