Do You Come Here Often?: A Failure's Guide to Flirting

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Januar 2004



Flirting's a nasty business. Most of us get it pretty wrong. You have to pretend you're a much nicer person than you actually are, attempt to take an interest in what the other person's saying, and work out whether they actually fancy you--all at the same time. But take heart, because you're not alone. And lucky for you, now there's a book. Gleaned from years of experience (of rejection), this book will show you just how bad flirting can get--and how to avoid making the same mistakes. You'll have a good laugh at someone else's ineptitude and learn something too.


How to crack a safe, escape from Alcatraz, get the girl and live the action hero's life. This handbook comes from the creators of The Worst Case Scenario Handbook. The book of the internet phenomenon www.framley.co.uk - a spoof of a local newspaper which quickly became a favourite when it appeared online last year.
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