The Ms. Spent Money Guide: Get More of What You Want with What You Earn

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Change your spending habits to achieve your personal and financial goals
The hardest part of personal finance for most people is living within their means. Spreadsheets, budgets, and tables make money management seem like hard work. In "The MsSpent Money Guide," readers are introduced to an innovative approach that focuses spending habits to allow for everyday costs and future expenses while finding money for things you really enjoy.
MsSpent's bottom line is to help people have a more fulfilling life by helping them clarify their financial goals as well as develop systems and habits that manage their spending. We are all unique and there is no single way to manage money. "The MsSpent Money Guide" helps each individual discover a way that will work for them. Readers of all ages will benefit from MsSpent's message-if you are clear about your values, you will get more of the life you want with the money you have.


Introduction. PART ONE: READY TO CHANGE: IS YOUR HIP POCKET OFF BALANCE? Where Did It All Go?: The Unconscious Spending Trap. Conscious Spending: Honoring Your Values. Becoming Conscious: Getting More of What You Want. The Excuse File: Why Unconscious Spending Tempts. PART TWO: SET TO SPEND: THE SEVEN CONSCIOUS SPENDING CATEGORIES. Security: Your Financial Foundation. Shelter: Your Home, Sweet Home. Sustenance: Feeding Your Body. Self and Family: Everyday Expenses. Social: Connecting with Others. Society: Giving Back. Soul: Expressing Your Higher Purpose. PART THREE: GO: BECOMING A CONSCIOUS SPENDER. Starting Out: Creating a Conscious Spending Plan. Keeping Conscious: Designing a New Hip-Pocket Habit. Iceberg Ahead: When You're Weighed Down by Debt. The Big Squeeze: When Your Means Are Not Enough. Bibliography. Conscious Spending: Next Steps. Index.


DEBORAH KNUCKEY is a writer, money coach, and speaker. Her "Conscious Spending" approach has been featured in the media, including Oprah and USA Today. Knuckey has an MBA from UCLA and has worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Co. and as a financial reporter at News Corporation. She lives in Washington, D.C. She can be reached at www.deborahknuckey.com.
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