Great Souls: Six Who Changed a Century

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November 2002



A senior journalist for "Time Magazine, " Aikman profiles six figures who embody specific virtues including Bill Graham, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II and others.


Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Billy Graham-Salvation Chapter 3 Nelson Mandela-Forgiveness Chapter 4 Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn-Truth Chapter 5 Mother Teresa-Compassion Chapter 6 Pope John Paul II-Human Dignity Chapter 7 Elie Wiesel-Remembrance


David Aikman is a former senior correspondent for Time magazine and covered international affairs for more than twenty years. He reported several Man-of-the-Year cover stories, including those on Deng Ziaoping, Corazon Aquino, and Mikhail Gorbachev.


Aikman deserves credit for writing biographies that not only are reliable and highly readable but also-because of the figures he chose to write about-morally elevating...Ultimately, Great Souls is about commendable qualities that people of any religious commitment, or even none at all, can and should recognize. The Weekly Standard Readers with sharp dislikes for any of these six might be surprised to find themselves wavering after the author makes his case. They might even test the breadth of their human sympathy by trying to embrace both Mandela and Solzhenitsyn, both Graham and Wiesel. Books and Culture Great Souls is a good read, eloquently showing how ordinary individuals with extraordinary discipline and will have risen above numerous kinds of adversity to influence the world for good. San Antonio Express Great Souls...serves as an excellent introduction to six remarkable lives. Best of all, it answers the questions, "Where have all the heroes gone?" They are right in front of us. Lexington Herald-Leader
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