The Mexico Reader: History, Culture, Politics

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Unparalleled in scope and written for the traveler, student, and expert alike, this collection offers a guide to the history and culture of Mexico including its difficult, uneven modernization; the ways the country has been profoundly shaped by Mexicans and those outside its borders; and the economic, political, and ideological power of the Roman Catholic Church. 91 illustrations.


Acknowledgements; A Note on Style; Introduction 1: The Search for "Lo Mexicano" Introduction; The Mexican Character Joel Poinsett; The Cosmic Race Jose Vasconcelos; The Sons of La Malinche Octavio Paz; The Problem of National Culture Guillermo Bonfil BatalIa; Does it Mean Anything to be Mexican? Roger Bartra; Mexico City 1992 Alma Guillermoprieto; Two Ranchera Songs 2: Ancient Civilisations Introduction; The Origins of the Aztecs; The Cost of Courage in Aztec Society Inga Clendinnen; Popol Vuh; The Meaning of Maize for the Maya J. Eric Thompson; Omens Foretelling the Conquest 3: Conquest and Colony Introduction; The Spaniards' Entry into Tenochtitlan; Cortes and Montezuma J. H. Elliott; The Battle of Tenochtitlan and Tlatelolco; The Spiritual Conquest Jeronimo de Mendieta Why the Indians are Dying Alonso de Zorita; The Colonial Latifundio Enrique Florescano; A Baroque Archbishop-Viceroy Irving Leonard; On Men's Hypocrisy Sor Juana; The Itching Parrot, the Priest, and the Subdelegate Jose Joaquin Fernandez de Lizardi 4 :Trials of the Young Republic Introduction; The Siege of Guanajuato Lucas Alaman; Sentiments of the Nation Jose Maria Morelos; Plan of Iguala Agustin de Iturbide; Women and War in Mexico Frances Calderon de la Barca; The Glorious Revolution of 1844 Guillermo Prieto; Decimas Dedicated to Santa Anna's Leg; War and Finance, Mexican Style Juan Bautista Morales; A Conservative Profession of Faith; Considerations Relating to the Political and Social Situation Mariano Otero; Liberals and the Land Luis Gonzalez y Gonzalez; Standard Plots Raymond Craib; The Offer of the Crown to Maximillian; A Letter from Mexico Carlotta, Empress of Mexico; The Liberal Triumph Benito Juarez; Pofirio Diaz Visits Yucatan Channing Arnold and Frederick J. Tabor Frost; Scenes from a Lumber Camp B.Traven; President Diaz, Hero of the Americas James Creelman; Gift of the Skeletons Special Section Mexican History in Photographs; a Photo-Essay John Mraz 5 : Revolution Introduction; Land and Liberty Ricardo Flores Magon; Plan of Ayala; The Restoration of the Ejido Luis Cabreza; Zapatistas in the Palace Martin Luis Guzman; Mexico Has Been Turned into a Hell William O.Jenkins; Pancho Villa John Reed; La Punitiva; Pedro Martinez Oscar Lewis; Juan the Chamula Ricardo Pozas; The Constitution of 1917, Articles 27 and 123; An Agrarian Encounter Rosalie Evans; Ode to Cuauhtemoc Carlos Pellicer; The Socialist ABCs; The Ballad of Valentin of the Sierra; Mexico Must Become a Nation of Institutions and Lawa Plutarco Elias Calles; The Formation of the Single-Party State Carlos Fuente; The Rough and Tumble Career of Pedro Crespo Gilbert Joseph and Allen Wells; A Convention in Zacapu Salvador Lemus Fernandez; The Agrarian Reform in La Laguna Fernando Benitez; The Oil Expropriation Josephus Daniels; Cardenas and the Masses Arturo Anguiano 6: The Perils of Modernity Introduction; They Gave us the Land Juan Rulfo; Mexico's Crisis Daniel Cosio Villegas; Struggles of a Campesino Leader Ruben Jaramillo; Art and Corruption David Alfaro Siqueiros;The Two Faces of Acapulco Andrew Sackett; Mexico Sid Tepper and Roy C. Bennett; The Dark Deeds of El Negro Durazo Jose Gonzalez G.; The Sinking City Joel Simon; Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl: Souls on the Run Roberto Vallarino; Modesta Gomez Rosario Castellanos 7: From The Ruins Introduction; The Student Movement of 1968 Elena Poniatowska; El Santo's Strange Career Anne Rubenstein; After the Earthquake CUD; Letters to Cuauhtemoc Cardenas; Corazon del Rocanrol Ruben Martinez; I Don't Believe Them at All Maldita Vecindad; Identity Hour Carlos Monsivais; The COCEI of Juchitan, Oaxaca: Two Documents; Women of Juchitan Jeffrey W. Rubin; EZLN Demands at the Dialogue Table; The Long Journey From Despair to Hope Subcomandante Marcos; Atzotzil Chronicle Marian Peres Tsu; Debtors' Revenge Heather Williams; Mexicans Would not be Bought, Coerced Wayne Cornelius 8: The Border And Beyond Introduction; The Plan of San Diego; The Mexican Connection Rudolfo Acuna; The Maquiladoras William Langewiesche; Dompe Days Luis Alberto Urea; Pedro P., Coyote Judith Adler Hellman; There's a Party Going on in Texas; Two Poems about Immigrant Life Pat Mora and Gina Valdes; The Deadly Harvest of the Sierra Madre Alan Weisman; Two Songs about Drug Smuggling; The New World Border Guillermo Gomez Pena


Gilbert M. Joseph is Farnam Professor of History and Director of Latin American and Iberian Studies at Yale University. He is coeditor of "Everyday Forms of State Formation: Revolution and the Negotiation of Rule in Modern Mexico" and "Close Encounters of Empire: Writing the Cultural History of U.S.-Latin American Relations" (both published by Duke University Press).Timothy J. Henderson is Associate Professor of History at Auburn University Montgomery. He is the author of "The Worm in the Wheat: Rosalie Evans and Agrarian Struggle in the Puebla-Tlaxcala Valley of Mexico, 1908-1927" (also published by Duke University Press).


" ... gripping reading that mostly fulfills its goal of representing Mexico's diversity across time and space"--Jrnl of Latin American Studies, February 2005 "Anyone who has a keen interest in Mexico--in delving deep into the country's rich history and culture before going there--would be fascinated by this book."--June Sawyers, Chicago Tribune "[A] careful selection of articles and texts that cover a wide variety of subjects... Originally written in Spanish, these texts have been masterfully translated into English... [T]he collection can be understood as a survey of intellectual culture in Mexico from a historical perspective, allowing readers to understand how Mexican reality has been conformed, transformed, and adapted. Recommended."--M. R. Lara, Choice "[A]n exciting, comprehensive, truly superior collection of Mexican literature... In all of my reading about Mexico--and I have read extensively the old and the new--I have never experienced a better and more thorough collection of works about this mysterious and marvelous country."--Wayne Greenhaw, Southern Scribe Reviews "There is an impressive, even passionate, commitment to excavating the embedded cultural, political, and economic reference points that arguably constitute something called a Mexican nationalist imaginary. At the same time, the editors have methodologically sought out the contradictions of that imaginary, offering both official, and many unofficial, voices. The result simultaneously exposes and subverts the nation's foundational fictions... [I]mpressive."--Eric Zolov, Hispanic American Historical Review "This is certainly a stimulating and informative compilation."--British Bulletin of Publications "Teachers will find a tremendous wealth of material in this new anthology, allowing them to choose selections supporting a wide range of historical approaches, and at a surprisingly affordable price. This volume is weighted toward political history, but intriguing women and workers also rise up from the pages, making this a valuable resource for undergraduate surveys and a fascinating read for anyone interested in Mexico... [T]his volume will make a thought provoking read for undergraduate students, for vacationers on the beach in Acapulco, or--a professor's spring break fantasy--both."--Jeffrey M. Pilcher, The Americas "This anthology is obviously destined for classroom use and appears to be suitable for supplemental textbook assignments for both survey and two-part courses in Mexican history."--Colonial Latin American Historical Review "Three layers of introductions-for the volume, for each section and for each text-provide necessary contextual information, while highlighting emerging themes. Thanks in part to these excellent introductions, students and teachers of Mexico will find that this volume could supplant textbook histories, while giving students access to hundreds of pages of primary sources, well-chosen images and two photo-essays."--Patience A. Schnell, Journal of Latin American Studies "The volume's main virtue ... is that it enables the non-Spanish-speaking reader to actually access a number of arguably key Mexican texts that cannot be obtained elsewhere in translation."--Will Fowler, Bulletin of Latin American Research Abstract in Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education. Also reviewed in the Oregonian. Listed in Publisher's Weekly, Hemispheres, and Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos.
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