Who Wants to Be a Scientist?: Choosing Science as a Career

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September 2002



Essential information for anyone considering a career in scientific research.


1. Introduction; 2. Starting out in research; 3. Getting down to research; 4. Publish or perish; 5. Communication and getting known; 6. Moving up; 7. Responsibilities; 8. Funding research; 9. Who owns science; 10. Conduct and ethics; 11. Science and society; 12. Power, pressure and politics; 13. Social aspects of science; 14. So who does want to be a scientist?.


Nancy Rothwell is MRC Research Professor of Physiology, School of Biological Sciences, University of Manchester


'Nancy Rothwell has produced an accessible and excellently written book that covers just about everything you need to know about a career in science. ... I wish I could write as well as she does. I wish I'd had this book when I started out as a research student all those years ago.' RDS Newsletter '... this book can be highly recommended to postgraduates and those in postdoctoral positions wanting an insight into what lies ahead in what will (hopefully) be a rewarding career.' Mark Dallas, BNA Newsletter '... well written and notably easy to read ... I will certainly recommend the book to our local MRes students.' Steve Hughes, Annals of Botany '... a thoroughly worthwhile book that should be in the hands of anyone considering that most rewarding of pastimes - a career in science.' Peter Atkins, The Times Higher Education Supplement 'The author gives some very useful tips on subjects such as networking, presenting work at conferences and grant applications. She does this is an entertaining way, but with a certain amount of authority. I would recommend it to anyone at the earlier stages of their career.' Microbiology Today '... a valuable asset to anyone currently in, or contemplating, research, and should be recommended to all science undergraduates.' Biochemist
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