Relax Your Neck, Liberate Your Shoulders: The Ultimate Exercise Program for Tension Relief

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September 2002



This guide shows how imagery and touch can be used to eliminate stiffness and pain. An explanation of the anatomy of the shoulders provides a better understanding of how improving the alignment of the head, neck, and shoulders helps ease strain on muscles and joints and promotes an aura of confidence and health.


Eric Franklin is head of the Franklin Method Institute in Uster, Switzerland. He teaches at leading institutes including New York University School of the Arts, the Royal Ballet School and the Laban Center in London.


"Terrific. I have neck and shoulder problems and this is the best thing I have ever read." -- Karen Kukurin. "Helps the reader to understand the connection between emotional states and tension." -- The Dancing Times, January 2003. "If you're feeling your shoulders creep up to your ears from nerves, [this] might be just the book for you." -- The Dancing Magazine, July 2003. "Great ways to reduce the physical manifestations of stress." -- Simple Living Oasis, Spring 2003.
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