Mobilizing Islam: Religion, Activism and Political Change in Egypt

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Oktober 2002



Mobilizing Islam explores how and why Islamic groups succeeded in galvanizing educated youth into politics under the shadow of Egypt's authoritarian state, offering important and surprising answers to a series of pressing questions. Under what conditions does mobilization by opposition groups become possible in authoritarian settings? Why did Islamist groups have more success attracting recruits and overcoming governmental restraints than their secular rivals? And finally, how can Islamist mobilization contribute to broader and more enduring forms of political change throughout the Muslim world?
Moving beyond the simplistic accounts of "Islamic fundamentalism" offered by much of the Western media, Mobilizing Islam offers a balanced and persuasive explanation of the Islamic movement's dramatic growth in the world's largest Arab state.


1. Introduction2. Nasser and the Silencing of Protest3. Educated and Under-Employed: The Rise of the Lumpen-Intelligentsia4. Parties Without Participation5. The Parallel Islamic Sector6. "The Call to God": The Islamist Project of Ideological Outreach7. Explaining the Success of Islamist Outreach8. From the Periphery to the Center: The Islamic Trend in Egypt's Professional Associations9. Cycles of Mobilization Under Authoritarian Rule10. Postscript: The Muslim Brotherhood and the Mubarak Regime, 1995-2001


Carrie Rosefsky Wickham


"This book has at least four great strengths... clarity... revives interest... effectively focused... content has enormous appeal." -- Mohamed El Sayed Said, Journal of Islamic Studies
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