One Hundred Photographs

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Januar 2002



In this unique collection of works spanning the history of photography, Bernard includes the most famous images by the most famous names. The book accompanies a traveling exhibition of the collection that starts in London in fall 2002. 100 photos.


Introduction by Bruce Bernard - 100 photographs with commentaries - Afterword by Mark Haworth-Booth


Bruce Bernard (1929-2000) was Picture Editor of The Sunday Times Magazine. In 1980 he produced Photodiscovery - a highly respected account of the revolution in attitudes to photography. Bernard was Visual Arts Editor of the Saturday Independent Magazine for its first four years. He curated the exhibition 'All Human Life' at London's Barbican Centre in 1996, and was the curator of a private collection of photographs. He was the editor of the monumental Century, also published by Phaidon. Mark Haworth-Booth is a curator and writer on photography and is Acting Head of Research at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. His other books include British Photography (1989) and Photography: An Independent Art (1997).


'An extraordinary collection of images, drawn from virtually every photographic genre since 1840 ... the best, most aesthetically pleasing, but not necessarily the best-known images ever captured on film, salt prints and calotypes. If Century was Bruce Bernard's most expansive work, One Hundred Photographs is his most personal.' (The Sunday Times Magazine)
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