Outdoor Photography: Landscape, Action and Wildlife Photography for the Outdoor Enthusiast

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Photography and the outdoors could have been made for each other.This book has been produced for outdoor enthusiasts who want their photographs to do full justice to the quality of their outdoor experience.A central theme is that 'point and shoot is a state of mind.' It's not what camera you have but how you use it that really counts. And how you use it depends first on seeing, and on knowing what you want your pictures to convey. There is still a place for technique, and essential technical concepts are introduced and explained in the clearest possible language, and with a sense of humour.Throughout the book the emphasis is on practical advice, and on integrating photography with the rest of your outdoor life. There are chapters on landscape, action and wildlife and close-up photography. Throughout the book the text and illustrations are related specifically to climbing, cycling, caving, and many other activities. Specific advice is given for compact camera users.The book is illustrated with over 100 colour photographs, chosen both to illustrate specific points and to provide inspiration.


Contents Introduction Chapter 1 - Beyond point and shoot Life through the viewfinder Truth and consequences Final thoughts Chapter 2 - Equipment for the outdoor photographer Cameras Lenses Accessories Final thoughts Chapter 3 - Shooting landscapes Framing the landscape Depth of field Light and the landscape Equipment for landscape photography Figures in the landscape Final thoughts Chapter 4 - Shooting action Equipment for action photography Techniques for action photography Final thoughts Chapter 5 - Shooting wildlife and close-ups Distant subjects Wildlife photography in practice Shooting close-ups Techniques for close-up shooting Portraits Final thoughts Chapter 6 - Shooting at the edge Extreme conditions Extreme sports Trekking Final thoughts Chapter 7 - Putting it all together The learning curve Keeping it simple Keeping and showing your work Keeping it safe Final thoughts Appendix I - Exposure: a manual for the manually inclined Appendix II - Buying a camera: some dos and don'ts Checklist Appendix III - Further reading


Sparks has been passionate about photography and the outdoors since childhood. A six-week trek in the Karakoram Mountains, Pakistan, in 1990 was a turning-point; the learning curve was steep, but the pictures were rewarding. Some of them are in this book. His first exhibition soon followed, and four years later he became a full-time photographer. Jon specialises in landscape and outdoor subjects, and his picture library includes images from New Zealand, Canada, Morocco, Australia, Pakistan and fifteen European nations. He publishes Lake District cards and posters, is the author of Car-free Cumbria, a guide to the Lancashire Cycleway and on scrambling and climbing in the Lakes. He was sole photographer for the Official Lake District National Park Guide and The Magic of the Scottish Islands, both written by Terry Marsh. Jon is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and a member of the Outdoor Writers' Guild. He lives in Lancaster, and when it's clear can see part of the Lake District skyline from his work-room window, which makes it hard to concentrate on writing.

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