The GR10 Trail

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November 2004



The 900km of footpath, lane and track-way which link the Atlantic coast with the Mediterranean have created one of the finest long-distance routes in France. GR10, the so-called Sentier des Pyr n es, is a walk of epic proportions, routed as it is along the north flank of a magical range of mountains. Unlike its counterpart on the Spanish slope, the GR10 actively seeks out a number of villages that lie snug at the foot of the mountains, so the long distance-walker can enjoy both the rugged heartland of the range and the more hospitable landscapes tended by a pastoral community.Having explored both sides of these mountains over a number of years, Paul Lucia has become something of an authority on - as well as great enthusiast for - the Pyrenees. That enthusiasm inspired his guide to the GR11 (Through the Spanish Pyrenees), which was first published by Cicerone in 1996 and is the hallmark of his approach to this present guide.


1: Hendaye - Olhette Day
2: Olhette - Ainhoa Day
3: Ainhoa - Bidarray Day
4: Bidarray - St-etienne-de-Baigorry Day
5: St-etienne-de-Baigorry - St-Jean-Pied-de-Port Day
6: St-Jean-Pied-de-Port - Esterencuby Day
7: Esterencuby - Col Bagargiak (Chalets d'Irati) Day
8: Col Bagargiak (Chalets d'Irati) - Logibar Day
9: Logibar - St-Engrace Day
10: St-Engrace - Arette-la-Pierre-St-Martin Day
11: Arette-la Pierre-St-Martin - Lescun Day
12: Lescun - Etsaut Day
13: Etsaut - Gabas Day
14: Gabas - Gourette Day
15: Gourette - Arrens-Marsous Day
16: Arrens-Marsous - Cauterets Day
17: Cauterets - Luz-St-Sauveur Day
18: Luz-St-Sauveur - Bareges Day
19: Bareges - Chalet-Hotel de l'Oule Day
20: Chalet-Hotel de l'Oule - Vielle-Aure Day
21: Vielle-Aure - Germ Day
22: Germ - Lac d'oo Day
23: Lac d'oo - Bagneres-de-Luchon Day
24: Bagneres-de-Luchon - Fos Day
25: Fos - Refuge de l'etang d'Araing Day
26: Refuge de l'etang d'Araing - Eylie-d'en-Haut Day
27: Eylie-d'en-Haut - Cabane de Besset Day
28: Cabane de Besset - etang d'Ayes Day
29: etang d'Ayes - Aunac Day
30: Aunac - Rouze Day
31: Rouze - St-Lizier-d'Ustou Day
32: St-Lizier-d'Ustou - Aulus-les-Bains Day
33: Aulus-les-Bains - Mounicou Day
34: Mounicou - Goulier Day
35: Goulier - Siguer Day
36: Siguer - Refuge de Clarans Day
37: Refuge de Clarans - Refuge de Rulhe Day
38: Refuge de Rulhe - Merens-les-Vals Day
39: Merens-les-Vals - Refuge des Besines Day
40: Refuge des Besines - Refuge des Bouillouses Day
41: Refuge des Bouillouses - Planes Day
42: Planes - Refuge du Ras de la Caranca Day
43: Refuge du Ras de la Caranca - Mantet Day
44: Mantet - Refuge de Mariailles Day
45: Refuge de Mariailles - Chalet-Hotel des Cortalets Day
46: Chalet-Hotel des Cortalets - Mines de Batere Day
47: Mines de Batere - Moulin de la Palette Day
48: Moulin de la Palette - Las Illas Day
49: Las Illas - Chalet de l'Albere (Col de l'Oullat) Day
50: Chalet de l'Albere (Col de l'Oullat) - Banyuls-sur-Mer


Paul Lucia's lifelong love of the Pyrenees led to two Cicerone guides to the GR11 and this GR10 guide. He explored the range extensively with many visits. Paul passed away on 6th July 2007, a few weeks after visiting the Pyrenees for the last time.
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