Sledgehammers for Tintacks: Bomber Command Combats the V-1 Menace, 1943 - 1944

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Juni 2009



In the summer of 1944, in the skies over Southern England, a new era in international warfare began. A German reprisal weapon, called the V1 or 'flying bomb', launched from occupied France, would bring indiscriminate terror and panic to the civilian population of London and the home counties. This book gives an account of how the massive Allied strategic bombing force was used to counter the flying bomb threat and how the airmen from the Commander-in-Chief right down to the aircrews and ground-crews acted upon the decisions made. Decisions which would lead to many Allied airmen suffering serious injury, many losing their lives or being captured by the enemy. Decisions which would inflict further misery upon the oppressed population of the occupied countries. Decisions which were made in the belief that they would give some relief to the population of Southern England.


Steve Darlow is a graduate of Loughborough University. As a grandson of a Lancaster pilot he has developed a keen interest in RAF Bomber Command and the exploits of its aircrews and his research is ongoing. His first book Lancaster Down! was published to critical acclaim in 2000.

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