A Brief History of Heaven

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This engaging book by one of today's best-known Christian writers explores the history of heaven, from its origins in biblical writings to its most recent representations.
A short, accessible book on the history of heaven.
Draws together representations of heaven by a wide range of writers, theologians, politicians and artists.
Covers literary works such as Dante's "Divine Comedy," Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress," and the poems of George Herbert.
Considers discussions by Marx and Freud of heaven's role in society.
Based on serious scholarship but is ideal for the non-specialist who wants to learn more about the idea of heaven.
Alister E. McGrath is one of today's best-known Christian writers.


List of Illustrations. Preface. 1. The City: The New Jerusalem.2. The Garden: Heaven as Paradise.3. Opening the Gates of Heaven: Atonement and Paradise.4. Signposting of Heaven: Signals of Transcendence.5. The Consolation of Heaven.6. Journey's End: Heaven as the Goal of the Christian Life.Works Consulted. Index.


Alister E. McGrath is Professor of Historical Theology at Oxford University, and Principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. He is the author of numerous best-selling books, including The Future of Christianity, Christian Theology: An Introduction 3rd edition, and In The Beginning: The Story of the King James Bible.


'Alister McGrath invariably combines enormous scholarship with an accessible and engaging style. This book is no exception - a splendid survey of a centrally important subject, covering theology and the arts with equal grace and clarity.' Dr Rowan Williams, The Archbishop of Canterbury "Bringing together literature, theology, politics and the arts, this fascinating book traces the remarkable influence that the idea of heaven has had - and continues to have - on western culture." Publishing News "It is delightfully lucid and insightful...Recommended for large public libraries as well as academic libraries offering a variety of Christian religious courses." Joyce Smothers, Library Journal "Though clearly a scholar, McGrath transcends the drone of the academic dissertation, offering an accessible and thorough narrative. Using the rich visual imagery of heaven, McGrath has created a fascinating kaleidoscope for viewing the evolution of Christian worship." Publishers Weekly "Pick of the week...It's an ambitious, immensely accessible, erudite and entertaining exploration of the way the idea of heaven has been constructed over the centuries." The Saturday Age
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