Cornel West

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November 2002



In this new book Rosemary Cowan provides a clear and highly accessible introduction to the work of Cornel West, a provocative and eclectic thinker who has emerged as one of America's foremost public intellectuals.


Acknowledgements. Introduction. Chapter 1. Reading West. Chapter 2. Race and American Democracy. Chapter 3. Jazz Philosophy: Westian Pragmatism. Chapter 4. a Prophetica Christianity. Chapter 5. Re--conceptualizing Marxism: Westa s Radicalism. Chapter 6. The Multicontextual Public Intellectual. Chapter 7. The Politics of 'Conversiona Westa s 'Love Ethica . Chapter 8. Achieving Democracy: Applying the Love Ethic. Conclusion: Creative Tensions. Notes. Bibliography. Index


Rosemary Cowan has taught political theory and American politics at California State University, Stanislaus


"Cornel West: The Politics of Redemption is a bold and courageous text that insightfully defends the thesis that liberation theology is at the core of West's synoptic and existentially engaged philosophical corpus. Rejecting a narrow conception of theology, Cowan provides a hermeneutic lens through which to make sense of West's pragmatist and Marxist leanings, and his prophetic Christianity. This book is a must read." George Yancy, McAnulty Fellow at Duquesne University
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