Mastering Lotus Notes and Domino 6

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You Know the Value of Effective Collaboration--Make It a Reality with Notes and Domino

The latest release of Notes and Domino makes collaboration and information management easier than ever. Whether you're a user or a developer, Mastering Lotus Notes and Domino 6 ensures that you get everything you can out of this integrated collection of powerful, flexible business tools. Thanks to practical, step-by-step instruction from a team of top Notes/Domino experts, you'll master these fundamentals. Coverage includes:
* Organizing and optimizing your email and calendar interactions
* Delegating tasks to others using the To Do list, meeting delegation, and calendar authorization
* Using Notes' powerful, built-in search facility as well as searching Internet directories using LDAP
* Keeping information current with replication
* Protecting your information assets with Notes/Domino security
* Browsing the Web from inside the Lotus Notes client and accessing Domino databases with a web browser
* Managing your email and calendar with iNotes
* Building Domino applications using forms, views, and pages
* Using framesets, outlines, and navigators in an application
* Designing applications for use by a Notes client and a web browser
* Creating shared resources for re-usability in a database
* Using mail rules to filter incoming messages and control spam
* Creating connection and location documents to communicate with a Domino server
* Customizing replication by controlling what replicates and when
* Encrypting sensitive information
* Integrating Notes with Microsoft Excel and connecting to external databases using ODBC
* Coding actions for use in forms and views
* Programming workflow using Formula Language and learn about advanced programming techniques
* Exploring the LotusScript language and the Domino event model



Part 1: Introducing Lotus Notes 6.

Chapter 1: What Is Lotus Notes?.

Chapter 2: Getting Familiar with Notes.

Chapter 3: Working with Databases.

Chapter 4: Tailoring Lotus Notes 6.

Part 2: Mastering the Basics with the Notes Client.

Chapter 5: Communicating with Notes Mail.

Chapter 6: Calendaring and Scheduling.

Chapter 7: Collaborating with Notes.

Chapter 8: Searching for Information.

Chapter 9: Communicating with Domino Servers.

Chapter 10: Replication.

Chapter 11: Lotus Notes and Domino Security.

Chapter 12: Integrating Notes with Other Applications.

Part 3: Lotus Notes Domino and the Internet.

Chapter 13: Accessing the Internet with a Notes Client.

Chapter 14: Managing Notes E-Mail with a Browser.

Chapter 15: Domino Off-Line Services and iNotes.

Part 4: Developing Lotus Notes Applications with Domino Designer.

Chapter 16: Introducing Domino Designer.

Chapter 17: Database Creation and Properties.

Chapter 18: Understanding the Formula Language.

Chapter 19: Basic Form Design.

Chapter 20: Advanced Form Design.

Chapter 21: Using Views and Folders.

Chapter 22: Outlines, Pages, Framesets, and Navigators.

Chapter 23: Shared Resources and Other Features.

Chapter 24: Language Extensions and the Object Model.

Chapter 25: Shared Code Objects.

Appendix A: Installing IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 6 Clients.



Matt Riggsby is a developer specializing in Notes/Domino and Microsoft Access. He works for a publishing company in the San Francisco Bay area. Cate McCoy is a writer, consultant, and trainer. Her expertise spans many areas including Lotus Notes Domino, Crystal Reports, JavaScript, Java, and XML. Scot Haberman, a Sr. Systems Engineer at EDS, has been developing Notes/Domino applications since 1996. Andrew Falciani, a Sr. Systems Engineer with EDS, has been working with Notes/Domino since 1992.
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