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The structure of Apollo - The Lost and Forgotten Missions follows the development and in flight testing of the Apollo lunar spacecraft prior to Apollo 11 as well as missions planned following that first landing. Drawing upon combinations of archival documentation from the first four manned Apollo missions and future mission plans evolved in the summer of 1969 Apollo - The Lost and Forgotten Missions will fill this void. The text explains how the machines and the men were prepared for the landing on the moon and what would have followed the initial landings.


Foreword (by astronaut Don Lind).- Author's preface.- Acknowledgements.- List of illustrations and tables.- Acronyms and abbreviations.- Prologue.- 1. Extending the Capabilities.- 2. New Applications.- 3. Block I Missions.- 4. Small Steps.- 5. Lunar Logostics.- 6. Exploration Planning.- 7. Changing the Mission.- 8. Beyond the Moon.- References.- Bibliography.- Index.


From the reviews:
"Shayler's painstaking research shines through on every fact-laden page. Photographs, charts and diagrams litter each chapter, helping to build up a comprehensive picture of rarely reported plans, dreams and opportunities. If you have any interest in the history of space exploration, and particularly manned programmes, then this book is something to treasure."
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