Don't Let Your Emotions Run Your Life

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Februar 2003



An eclectic mix of cognitive-behavioral techniques, skills training, Zen, and existentialism, Dialectical Behavior Therapy helps readers pay attention to their emotions, assess their blocks to controlling them, and become less judgmental of themselves when they lose control. Worksheets and assessment exercises round out this breakthrough program.


Scott Spradlin, M.A., is a DBT therapist specializing in treating highly reactive clients. Spradlin trained exclusively with Dr. Marsha Linehan, the originator of DBT,. He currently works as a therapist and coordinator at the Christian Counseling Center in Wichita, KS where he treats clients, and trains professionals and students in the theory and practice of DBT. Spradlin is the founding editor of the DBT Bulletin.
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Untertitel: How Dialectical Behavior Therapy Can Put You in Control. Sprache: Englisch.
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