Cisco Security Specialist's Guide to Pix Firewall

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Cisco Security Specialist's Guide to PIX Firewall will instruct readers on the information needed to pass the CSPFA exam. It introduces the basic concepts of attack, explains the networking principles necessary to effectively implement and deploy a PIX firewall, covers the hardware and software components of the device, provides multiple configurations and administration examples, and fully describes the unique line syntax native to PIX firewall configuration and administration.


The Adaptive Security Algorithm (ASA) Advanced Protocol Handling Basic PIX Commands NAT, PAT, Static, Conduit, Failover and Stateful Failover AAA Protocols and Configurations Access Control List Definitions and Configurations Including Context Based Access Control WebSENSE Configuration Protocols and Configuration of FTP, RSH, and SQL *Net Traffic Cisco Secure Integrated Software Cisco PIX Device Manager Certificate Authorities Authentication and Cut-through Proxy Technologies Support for IPSec and IPSec Configuration Secure VPN Configuration Cisco Secure ACS for Windows Active Code Filtering Configuration Cisco Secure Integrated Software Cisco IOS Firewalls Primary, Secondary, Active, and Standby levels for PIX


Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices throughout the U.S., Callisma is a world-class network services company focusing on all key aspects of complex network planning, design and implementation. Callisma is a member of the Cisco Professional Services Partner (PSP) program. Through the Cisco PSP program, Cisco and Callisma partner together to provide market-leading professional services to the Service Provider, Enterprise and small to medium business markets.

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