Springboard and Platform Diving

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An instructional blueprint to diving success, this book includes physical and mental preparation keys to maximise competitive performance. The fine-tuned movements that enhance the aesthetic appeal of diving for judges in competition are illustrated throughout.


Body alignment; armswing, boardwork and takeoffs; basic dives; headfirst entries, lineups, and come-outs; somersaulting dives; twisting dives; platform dives; skill and dive progressions; training and peaking for competition; effective coaching and mental preparation.


Ron O'Brien is currently the national technical director for United States Diving. He has produced more champions (including four-time Olympic gold medalist Greg Louganis) and coached more Olympic, world, and Pan American teams than any other coach in diving history. Before retiring from active coaching in 1988, O'Brien served in almost every capacity in diving, from national 3-meter champion in 1961 to president of the U.S. Professional Diving Coaches Association from 1981 to 1985 to International Swimming Hall of Fame inductee in 1988. His divers have won 12 Olympic medals and 196 gold medals in national and international competition, and he has coached at least one U.S. national champion in each of 23 consecutive years (1973 to 1995). Ron lives in Islamorada, Florida.


""""O'Brien's book is excellent and covers all areas of diving technique. Ron O'Brien is considered one of the greatest diving coaches of all time. His knowledge of the sport is outstanding.""" Richard KimballFour-time U.S. Olympic diving team assistant coachTwo-time NCAA women's and one-time men's diving coach of the year """Ron O'Brien was the man with the plan' who enabled me to fulfill my Olympic dreams far beyond my expectations. This book is unique because, for the first time, Ron shares with the world of diving his secrets to success. Chapters 9 and 10 on training and peaking for competition and coaching and mental preparation are the hidden treasures in this book. Read it, and pass it on!""" Mary Ellen Clark1992 and 1996 Olympic bronze medalist, 10-meter platform"
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