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September 2002



From the author of "Ketjak" and "Paradise" comes another volume of absurdist poetry, criticism, and witticisms.


Introduction: from The Grand Piano by Barrett Watten Tjanting


Ron Silliman has written and edited 24 books of poetry and criticism to date, including the anthology In the American Tree. He lives in Chester County, Pennsylvania, with his wife and two sons, and works as a market analyst in the computer industry. Since 1979, Silliman has been writing a poem entitled The Alphabet. Volumes published thus far from that project have included ABC, Demo to Ink, Jones, Lit, Manifest, N/O, Paradise, (R), Toner, What and Xing.


It's true we need another Allen Ginsberg. Unfortunately, I don't see one on the horizon, unless Ron Silliman can get himself arrested. -- Keith Tuma Sulfur Of all the Language Poets, Silliman's express-line writing was and is the one that stuck to my ribs. It was so thingy, so specific, so formally radical, so hard-headed, yet witty, and now and then, in spite of itself, lyric. I liked his post-industrial music. I loved Ketjak and Tjanting and Paradise … And the reach -- the compulsion to pull everything in. -- C.D. Wright Jacket Silliman's writing is fun to read: Its pleasure lies in the gradual unfolding of intricate forms and in the mix of puns, declarations, sounds and sights from our daily environment, the range of references from philosophy to baseball. -- Hank Lazer The Nation
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