The Christian World: A Social and Cultural History of Christianity

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April 2003



The authors, all leading scholars in their fields, have interpreted Christianity in its widest sense, emphasizing its social and cultural impact and exploring the religious life of ordinary people as well as the rituals of cardinals and kings. The book's copious illustrations form an integral part of the story and bring much that seems remote or obscure into vivid focus. Anyone seeking to understand the forces that have made our world what it is today will find this book of vital interest. Edited by Geoffrey Barraclough, author of The Medical Papacy and Reformation and Society in Sixteenth Century Europe, the book includes essays by Margaret Aston, Paul A. Carter, Owen Chadwick, Adrian Cunningham, William H. C. Frend, Joachim Gaehde, Hans Hillerbrand, Judith Hook, Colin Morris, Steven Runciman, Ian N. Wood, and J. William T. Youngs.


The Ancient World 1. Christianity in the Roman Empire 2. The Rise of Christian Art A Conquering Mission 3. The Conversion of the Barbarian Peoples The Eastern Church 4. The Greek Church and the Peoples of Eastern Europe The Age of Faith 5. Medieval Christendom The Religion of the People 6. Popular Religious Movements in the Middle Ages Christianity at the Crossroads 7. The Age of Reformation 8. The Social Impact of Puritanism Counter-Reformation Europe 9. Religion in the Age of the Baroque The Crisis of the Nineteenth Century 10. Christianity and Industrial Society The American Experience 11. Religion at the Grass-Roots Modernity and Change 12. Christianity in the Contemporary World


'As good a history of Christianity as I know... I cannot recommend this illuminating, truly catholic, honest history too highly' - The Methodist Recorder 'A magnificent production' - The Church Times 'A fine, illuminating and illuminated book' - The Irish Press
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