Israel and Palestine - Out of the Ashes: The Search for Jewish Identity in the Twenty-First Century

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Dezember 2002



'[Ellis provides] a vital contribution to solving one of the few remaining intractable problems of our time.' --Archbishop Desmond Tutu



Introduction: A Bully In Christchurch

Jewish Memory In The Post-Holocaust Era

Memory, Destruction And Resistance
The 615th Commandment
Helicopter Gunships At The Heart Of Jewish History

Innocence, Settlers And State Policy

The Arrival Of Constantinian Judaism
Indigenous Minority Rights, Citizenship And The New Jerusalem
Mapping The Holocaust And Israel


The Prophetic In The Post-Holocaust Era

The Prophetic In The Contemporary World
The Evolving Covenant Within History


A Jewish Witness In Exile

The Boundaries Of Our Destiny
Reinventing Judaism And Jewish Life
On Revolutionary Forgiveness
A Jewish Witness In Exile

A New Beginning





Marc H. Ellis is University Professor of American and Jewish Studies and Director of the Center for American and Jewish Studies at Baylor University, Texas. He has authored 10 books and three collections of essays, including "O Jerusalem: The Contested Future of the Jewish Covenant," 1999. and the book, "Practicing Exile: The Religious Odyssey of an American Jew" published in 2001. Dr. Ellis has won numerous awards and recognitions. From 1995 to 1998, he was a senior fellow at the Center for the Study of World Religions and a visiting scholar at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University. Respondents to his work included theologians Richard Rubenstein, Rosemary Ruether, Mahmoud Ayoub, Naim Ateek and Dwight Hopkins. In 2001, Dr. Ellis joined the editorial board of the Jewish progressive journal "Tikkun."


"Marc Ellis is a brilliant writer, a deeply thoughtful and courageous mind." Edward Said "[Ellis provides] a vital contribution to solving one of the few remaining intractable problems of our time." Archbishop Desmond Tutu "Marc Ellis stands in a deeply honoured and disturbing Jewish tradition of prophetic thought and action. This is a profoundly religious book and we ignore it at our peril." John Gladwin, Bishop of Guildford and Chair of Christian Aid "Marc Ellis has demonstrated great courage, integrity, and insight in the very important work he has been doing for years. It has been an inspiration for all of us." Noam Chomsky
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