Creative Filmmaking from the Inside Out

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Five keys to creating authentic, distinctive work, whether you are a student, professional or simply love making films on your own

For Creative Filmmaking from the Inside Out, three professors at the renowned University of Southern California School of Cinema-Television interviewed fifteen outstanding filmmakers, then distilled their insights into the "Five I's" of creativity. Learn how to:

. Uncover your unique creative voice (Introspection)

. Work from real-life observations and experience (Inquiry)

. Draw on your nonconscious wells of creativity (Intuition)

. Strengthen your creative collaborations (Interaction)

. Communicate at the deepest level with your audience (Impact)

This comprehensive approach provides practical exercises that will enrich and transform your work, whether you are looking for a story idea, lighting a set, editing a scene or selecting a music cue.

The participating filmmakers, who have collectively won or been nominated for 39 Oscars and 27 Emmys, are:

Anthony Minghella, writer-director (The English Patient); Kimberly Peirce, writer-director (Boys Don't Cry); John Lasseter, writer-director-producer (Toy Story); John Wells, writer-producer (ER); Hanif Kureishi, writer (My Beautiful Laundrette); Pamela Douglas, writer (Between Mother and Daughter); Renee Tajima-Peña, director-producer (My America...or, Honk If You Love Buddha); Ismail Merchant, producer (The Remains of the Day); Jeannine Oppewall, production designer (L.A. Confidential); Conrad L. Hall, cinematographer (American Beauty); Kathy Baker, actor (Picket Fences); Walter Murch, sound designer-editor (Apocalypse Now); Lisa Fruchtman, editor (The Right Stuff); Kate Amend, editor (Into the Arms of Strangers); and James Newton Howard, composer (The Sixth Sense).


Jed Dannenbaum, senior lecturer at the University of Southern California's School of Cinema-Television, is an award-winning writer, producer and director of non-fiction films. Carroll Hodge is an independent filmmaker and has taught film production at USC since 1987. Doe Mayer is the Mary Pickford Professor of Film and Television Production at USC, and has been working in film and television for the past twenty-five years.
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