Cognition in a Digital World

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Januar 2003



(EW will chk if Intro can be used as Preface & if can be used for ABI. Shld complimnt Brna bk) "This book provides a timely & important consideration of a range of issues concerning cognition & its relation to multimedia & digital information systems."


Contents: H. van Oostendorp, Preface. Part I:Conditions and Consequences of Multimedia Information Processing. H. Tardieu, V. Gyselinck, Working Memory Constraints in the Integration and Comprehension of Information in a Multimedia Context. J. Goldstein, People@Play: Electronic Games. E.S. Tan, H. Muller, Integration of Specialist Tasks in the Digital Image Archive. Part II:Socio-Psychological Characteristics of Information Usage on the World Wide Web. S. Jarvela, P. Hakkinen, The Levels of Web-Based Discussions: Using Perspective-Taking Theory as an Analytical Tool. K.S. Eklundh, K. Groth, A. Hedman, A. Lantz, H. Rodriguez, E-L. Sallnas, The World Wide Web as a Social Infrastructure for Knowledge-Oriented Work. J. Lazar, J. Preece, Social Considerations in Online Communities: Usability, Sociability, and Success Factors. Part III:Analysis of Computer-Mediated (Collaborative) Communication. E. de Vries, Educational Technology and Multimedia From a Cognitive Perspective: Knowledge From Inside the Computer, Onto the Screen, and Into Our Heads? S. Stroomer, H. van Oostendorp, Analyzing Communication in Team Tasks. F. Fischer, H. Mandl, Being There or Being Where? Videoconferencing and Cooperative Learning. G. Erkens, J. Andriessen, N. Peters, Interaction and Performance in Computer-Supported Collaborative Tasks. S.R. Goldman, R.A. Duschl, K. Ellenbogen, S.M. Williams, C. Tzou, Science Inquiry in a Digital World: Possibilities for Making Thinking Visible.
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