Real Spaces

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Mai 2003



Addressing fundamental problems in modern Western approaches to art, this bold, brilliant, and important book proposes a new and flexible conceptual framework for the understanding of art by replacing the notion of the "visual arts" with that of the "spatial arts." 350 illustrations.




David Summers is the William R Kenan Jr Professor of the History of Art at the University of Virginia. Internationally recognized as one of the most distinguished historians of art and ideas of his generation, he is the author of two major, groundbreaking studies, Michelangelo and the Language of Art (1981) and The Judgement of Sense: Renaissance Naturalism and the Rise of Aesthetics (1987). Judgement of Sense won the Forkasch Prizefor the best book in intellectual history published in 1987. In 1996 Professor Summers was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.


'If we were justified in judging a book by its cover and page design, Real Spaces would stand as one of the wonders of the world...Phaidon has surpassed itself in the production of this book.' (The New York Sun Newspaper) 'If all the world's art was ever to be understood properly, and from a common perspective, the only solution, Summers concluded, was to shred the old lexicon of art terminology and write it anew. Real Spaces is the culmination of that labour: it is humongous, compendious and staggeringly erudite. Summers wants to be remembered for this book, and he probably will be...This is an imposing work of scholarship which makes great demands of its readers, but ultimately Summers sees it as having a wider purpose in attempting to make right a few of the world's imbalances. They all say that, of course, but Summers may just well be good enough to make that difference.' (Morgan Falconer, Modern Painters) 'Summers' stated approach in Real Spaces is unorthodox in the manner in which he chooses to disregard many formal and iconographical principles which have been mainstays of art history...In stark contrast to the current era of dumbed-down and politically correct(ed) textbooks, Summers here weaves an intricate array of intellectual arguments around some essential landmarks of art history...Perhaps this will be a useful guide for either the interested reader on art (if such beings exist and I certainly hope they do) or for the art professional who seeks a more inclusive text in terms of portraying and relating the past.' (Martin Patrick, Assistant Professor of Contemporary Art History at Illinois State University, Art Monthly) 'Deeply pondered arguments on big topics, substantial accumulations of soberly researched and intricately categorized material; and a notable range of detailed cultural reference...an extraordinary and demanding tour de force in the history of art...a radically new conceptual framework for a contextualist and cross-cultural art history...The scope of reference...is impressively broad...an interesting and novel perspective for attacking a long tradition of art appreciation in terms of the 'aesthetic'.' (Martin Kemp and Katerina Reed-Tsocha, Trinity College, Oxford, Times Literary Supplement) 'A conceptual odyssey through the history of art, being half-survey and half-philosophical treatise on the nature of man-made objects...Summers's has produced a breathtakingly ambitious and constantly engaging inquiry into the nature of human arteacts, and the meanings they hold for us...essential reading...Summers's newly minted lingua franca creates, in effect, a completely non-specialist space in which any man-made object might be potentially assessed.' (John-Paul Stonard, Courtauld Institute of Art, London, Burlington Magazine) 'David Summers has constructed an entirely new conceptual grid for the study of art. Through examples drawn from all epochs and cultures, without repitition or digression, Summers sustains a powerful thesis...Real Spaces is one of the most substantial and original art-historical books ever published. Its range and rigor of thought, and the integrity and internal tension of its argument, are staggering and humbling. I can easily imagine structuring an entire graduate seminar on art theory or art-historical method around this volume.' (Christopher S Wood, Professor in the Department of the History of Art at Yale University, BookForum) '[An] erudite, generously illustrated, and sufficiently well-documented survey' (Library Journal) 'A galloping aesthetic anthropology, a globe-trotting exercise in vast erudition and dizzying equivalences...The book...offers a repositioning of the very idea of art.' (Mark Kingwell, Professor of Philosophy, University of Toronto, Harper's)
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Untertitel: World Art History and the Rise of Western Modernism. 250 Abbildungen, 100 Zeichnungen. Sprache: Englisch.
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