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Dezember 2002



This guide aims to help the reader to decide which career is right for him or her or whether to change his or her job for a better one. Sorted into occupational groups, it includes everything from accountancy to zoology. Each related group contains key organizations and job types and all are classified according to the nationally recognized system. There are over 1500 web sites listed in this second edition, covering careers, education, training and job hunting. Each one has been personally selected, evaluated and rated by a professional careers officer.


Intro: Selection criteria / Self-help guide; Part One - Careers; 1. Administration, business & management; 2. Creative, cultural and leisure; 3. Medical, health and social careers; 4. Law, security and protection; 5. Finance, buying & selling, transport & distribution; 6. Science, manufacturing, construction and land use; Part Two - Education and Training; Part Three - Job Hunting; Appendix of further useful web sites / Index


Careers consultant Hilary Nickell worked with Careers Management on the Hints Careers Library system, established in 575 libraries in schools, colleges and careers centres throughout the UK and worldwide. He lives in: Basingstoke, Hants, UK. Careers Management is based in Portsmouth, Hants, UK.


'Some super sources of information, training, advice, and literally thousands of work opportunities.' The Open University. 'This book has done all the research... worth the [pound]10 it costs in saved telephone bills alone.' Career Guidance Today. 'I would like to see this book sitting by the side of web-enabled PCs in Careers Offices up and down the country.' Steve Nicholls, Newscheck. 'An excellent resource.' Practical Internet. '...for both job changers and those considering a career change for the first time...its breadth and ease of use are its strengths.' Phoenix, Careers Service Journal.
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