The Gardener's A-Z Guide to Growing Organic Food

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Februar 2004



The distillation of Denckla's years of hands-on experience, this book answers the questions that sprout up among novice, intermediate, and experienced organic gardeners. More than 750 plants are arranged in an A-to-Z format, with information on care, harvesting, and more. Two-color illustrations.


a practical guide to growing fruits and vegetables the organic way. " Seattle Post- Intelligencer"
Denckla s guide to growing organic food covers 765 varieties of vegetables, herbs, fruits, and nuts. There are instructions on temperature, soil and water needs, planting depth and space between plants, propagation, harvesting, first and last seed-starting dates, storage requirements, and support structures when needed. With each entry is a list of selected available varieties. Denckla also tells gardeners how to control 201 pests and diseases organically. "Booklist" "" "A great gift for any vegetable gardener who prefers Earth-friendly methods." "Pittsburgh Post-Gazette"
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