Triathlete's Edge

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April 2003



Push your triathlon training to the limit!


The triathlete physique; athletic swimming; pure cycling; effortless running; supplemental training; base preparation phase; base transition phase; race preparation phase; peak transition phase.


Marc Evans is a pioneer in coaching endurance athletes. He got his start in 1981 when he became triathlon's first professional coach. Since then he has coached professional and age-group Ironman winners, national champions, and hundreds of other top endurance athletes around the world. In addition to coaching, Evans has spread his training knowledge by authoring "Endurance Athlete's Edge." In 1989 Evans was named U.S. national triathlon coach for the first World Triathlon Championships in Avignon, France. The following year he was appointed coach of the U.S. triathlon team at the Elite Performance Testing Series held at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Evans is the president of Marc Evans Coaching (www.evanscoaching.com), a sport performance coaching company specializing in individual training program design, coaching biomechanics, and exercise product design for endurance athletes. Well known for developing the table of periodization and inventing SPEEDO(R) SwimFoil, Evans continues to create new training techniques for both recreational and elite endurance athletes. He was presented the American Medical Athletic Association's Award of Excellence in 1992, and he was named Coach of the Year in 1990 by SECURA Insurance Company. Evans lives in northern California, where he enjoys telemark skiing, swimming, and playing golf.
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